Women Franchise

The business world is no longer the men's domain. More and more women take over the key professional jobs. The franchises are becoming a living proof for this change. Within 20 years (since 1975) the number of women franchises constituted 10% of the total market. Five years ago, it was estimated that the women franchise exceeds 25% of the total franchise business. The figure is actually higher because many operators run their franchises together as partners.

Why Do The Franchisors Prefer The Women Franchise?

For starters, because they hate men (just kidding!). The real reason is in the physiological differences between women and men. The physiology affects psychology and the psychology decides if you are a successful or failing business owner. Fortunately for women, females tend to be better suited to manage businesses. Women are natural organisers who can prioritize and improvise when needed. The ability to spot details and adapt to the changing situation makes women an obvious choice to be managers. The communication skills of women and their networking abilities are real diamonds in the franchising industry. There is hardly any franchise which does not need to effectively communicate with franchisor, vendors and customers. The women franchise is generally more expense-conservative than the male-managed counterparts. This is very important during the start-up operations and tough economic times. Nowadays, you can see very seldom men serving food at the franchise counter. Men are better prepared to produce the product while women are natural customer-relations experts.

What Does Constitute The Women Franchise?

In old days, there were businesses which women seldom managed. Nowadays, work safety standards and technological advances allow women to manage any job. The natural women franchises are mainly beauty saloons, hairdressing outlets and parlors. Today, women can manage almost anything. Fast food outlets, retail shops, clinics and even engineering fabricators can all be managed by women. And there is plenty of support for female entrepreneurs. Almost every city council runs business seminars, workshops, mentoring programs and funding opportunities specifically for women. There is also an increase of female students in technical collages to learn the "male" trades. Thus, the women franchise means any business which is managed by the female boss. And, the current trend indicates that these franchises are on the rise.