Vending Franchises

Vending machines are somewhat intriguing objects. We see them in shops, train stations and public buildings. The solitude of these items is almost overwhelming. This is especially true when you wait for the train at 10pm and no one keeps your company except for those snack-filled boxes. However, vending machines are also very good businesses. This is especially true for vending machine franchises.

Why Vending Machine Franchises?

If you own a single vending machine in the quiet location then franchise will not help you much. However, in order to grow vending operations the vending franchise are the most appropriate.

Firstly, vending machine franchises have a stronger buying power than individuals. If you make a lot of sales then lower cost products will matter.

Secondly, franchisors have stronger business connections to place vending units in most popular locations. Independent operators often do not have the "brand power" to locate their machines within prestigious malls and public facilities.
Finally, most vending machine franchises offer training which includes: delivery, stocking, supply, location finding and vending machine troubleshooting. On the other hand, the independent businesses have to learn these topics the hard way.

Vending Machine Franchises Guide

The vending franchise is not a uniform businesses. Depending on the product you sell, you may struck gold or end up with a dirt. Cooldrinks and snacks are always popular. In the summer and spring coldrinks will be the best sellers. During winter, the snacks and even hot products (like new fresh fries vending machines) will attract clients. You have to think strategically for every season what is the most profitable.

If you can afford multiple vending machines then location also makes a difference. There is no point to place a cooldrink vending machine next to major supermarkets (unless you can beat the price of these retailing giants). The snacks are also not that popular inside fish-shops and bakeries. There, the product is either totally out of place or simply redundant.

In Australia, there is a number of vending franchises which provide good business opportunities. Aussie Vending, provender Vending Australia and Austvending Pty Ltd are among the best options. There are also few inventions in the vending market. You have Fresh Fries, Article and DVD vending machines. The article vending business is risky. However, the DVD and the fresh fries have a strong business potential.

Vending Machine Franchises Prices

It is not very clear why, but vending machine franchises are not uniformly priced. Provender Vending Australia costs $150K.

Aussie Vending sells for about $70K. However, equally reputable Austvending Pty Ltd requires a starting capital of only $35K. If you believe these prices are high then you can always try to tap into US market. There, vending franchise cost as little as $10K.