Tutoring Franchises

Tutoring franchises and tutoring independent businesses are the first employment choice for straggling University graduates. Unfortunately, tutoring on its own seldom pays the bills. The concept of the tutoring franchise (rather than the independent business) is to provide a stronger marketing exposure, more networking and good returns. However, the idea may quickly turn into pyramidal system if not reviewed carefully.

Tutoring Franchises Guide

Unfortunately, tutoring franchises are very volatile businesses. The returns are seldom uniform and the demand also varies significantly throughout the year. There are number of parents who want their children to catch-up during school holidays. However, it is only during July, August and September (in Southern Hemisphere) where you can significantly profit from the operations.

The concept of the tutoring franchise is based on the "one-to-one" teaching. Some operators teach 3-4 students at the same time but larger numbers are impractical. We would not recommend a tutoring franchise to operate in the external facilities. The profit is simply too unpredictable to hire premises for extended period of time.

Most tutoring services can be easily provided in client's home or your own place. Currently, you can charge $30-$40 per hour if the client requests tutoring services at their premises. However, driving to other people homes is time consuming. Therefore, on average, you can probably service 4 hours a day (provided you have clients). If you have been operating in the teaching business for a prolonged period of time then purchasing a school franchise should be your next step.

For beginners, a tutoring franchise is the best place to start. You have to be very "nosy" as to the fees and charges set by the franchisor. It is not the price of the franchise but the returns which matter. If the franchisor asks for $5K for their franchise then don't just buy it because it is cheap. Ask yourself:

  • Are you buying just a brand?
  • Are you buying just a few customers?
  • What is the marketing exposure?

Anything in the vicinity of $5K should buy you yearly local newspaper advertising plus exclusive area of operations.

Tutoring Franchises Prices

It is very difficult to distinguish between tutoring and school franchises. The two terms are often used interchangeably. Generally, franchises which operate from external facilities are regarded as school franchises. On the other hand, the tutoring franchises are mobile or home-based teaching businesses. Therefore, the pricing model below refers to mobile operations. On average, the tutoring franchise costs around $10K-$15K.

The MagiKats Math and English franchise sells for $15K. This business specifically caters for children between 4-16 years old. The NumberWorks'nWords costs $45K-$50K. The concept of NumberWorks'nWords resembles that of school franchises but it is still a tutoring operation. There are also more expensive brands. For example, the Fruition Tuition sells for $115K and provides tuition services from prep to adult.