Travel Franchise

The travel business is a pleasant idea but not necessarily a stress-free operation. The travel agent not only battles off-season times but also exchange rates. Unfortunately, most people want to take a leave only during school holidays. For the rest of the year, the travelling packages are not very popular. What's more, the unfavourable exchange rates, higher taxes, and the inflation will further terrify even the strongest travel agency franchise. Thus, the travel agency business needs innovative strategies to bring income throughout the year.

If you decide to run your own travel agency business then you may end up with poor products from cruise and hotel operators. On the other hand, the travel franchise has more connections and stronger buying power to get better packages. The prominent exposure to the public, special deals and optional discounts for the business-travelers are key components to succeed. Unfortunately, independent operators have very little chance to access these packages. Therefore, the travel agency franchise is the best choice to start up the travel business. Yes, it is going to be expensive but returns will be higher than those from independent agencies.

Travel Franchise Guide

The main business objective of the travel agent franchise is to sell holiday packages. Yes, the majority of clients want the air tickets but good holiday combos are the real product of success. The good travel agency franchise must have access to worldwide hospitality and travel industry. If you continue to sell expensive tickets then clients will forget you.

However, if you do have the access to great cruises and holiday packages then even expensive tickets will not shame your business. Therefore, you must ensure that the franchisor's database resources are reliable. It is not good if the online operators continue to sell discounted packages while you are struggling to pay rent for your travel franchise. In this case you do not need franchisor to succeed.

Harvey World Travel is a travel franchise with outstanding profits. On average, the travel agent franchise from Harvey World Travel has an annual turnover of $3.4 million. Owing to the improved ratings of the Australian dollar, the Harvey World Travel will definitely increase its profits. It is a great travel franchise and equally the fantastic cruise franchise.

Escape Travel is even a bigger travel franchise. It has a staggering annual turnover of $6.9 billion. On average, Excape Travel has a total profit of $100 million a year. It's a renown travel agency franchise and reputable cruise franchise among even the biggest competitors.

Travel Franchise Prices

The initial fees and charges for the travel franchise cost about $30K. The shop's fit-out will draw another $80K. You will need a substantial working capital. This must accommodate $30K-40K for the rent and outgoings. The rest of the running costs depend on you. However, another $20K is a good estimate for those additional expenses.