School Franchise

There is a very fine line between the tutoring franchise and school franchise. In fact, the status of a school (in the real sense) would not apply to majority of school franchises. The concept of the school franchise is simple. Essentially, clients (mostly children) are taught at the franchisee's premises. The fact that there is a cost of leasing premises, the school franchise does pose more financial risks than the tutoring franchises. However, the returns from the school franchises are much higher than those from the tutoring services.

You should not run the school franchise if you have no prior knowledge of tutoring. A lot of franchisors claim to provide a sufficient teaching and coaching material to train franchisees. However, keep in mind that every child is different and the optimal teaching method is the must. This can only be achieved through the front-line experience.

School Franchise Guide

Most school franchises operate in evenings and many can be closed during holidays. There is not much scope to generate income except from Monday to Friday during evening hours. Some franchises also run sessions on Saturdays. You should ensure that this option is also available to your school franchise. As we mentioned earlier, there are a potential risks to run a school franchise. The cost of premises, running expenses and fees - all are financial hazards.

However, as much as the tutoring franchise seldom wins bread on its own, the school franchise can fully support the franchisee. You have more clients per tutor and better exposure to the public. What's more, you do not have to run school franchises for children. Adult education is as popular.

There are many business and leadership coaching centers which do end up with profits. The Better Business Group, Brain Boost, The Happiness Institute, ICS Group, etc. are all adult education franchises. However, if you prefer to teach children then there are excellent business choices to start with:

  • Kumon franchise
  • Master Coaching
  • Helen O'Grady Drama Academy
  • 'A' 4 MATHS Learning Centres

Kumon Franchise

Kumon franchises have been popular for number of years. Therefore, it is important to look at this business a bit more closer. The Kumon franchise is based in centers and offers core subjects such as: mathematics and English. Both subjects are regarded as the fundamental services of this franchise.

Some franchisees do include Japanese language but this is restricted by the franchisor (to ensure that both: math and English are established properly before introducing a new subject). The price for a Kumon franchise varies widely. The business can sell for as little as $30K and for as high as $130K. The methodology of Kumon franchises is well established and well advertised. Despite some criticism of the institution, the Kumon franchise is a good business to run.

School Franchise Prices

School franchise prices are about 3-4 times as high as those for the tutoring services.

  • Kumon franchise costs between $30K to $130K.
  • 'A' 4 MATH learning center sells for $20K but you need $25K for fitout and another $20K for a working capital.
  • Master Coaching requires an investment of $60K.

The adult school franchises are as expensive.

  • Better Business Group sells for $50K.
  • Leadership Management Australia costs $85K and ICS $35K-$110K.