Sandwich Franchise

The idea of a sandwich franchise embraces fast food service philosophy and the healthy choices doctrines. This is often reflected in the number of customers. On one side, sandwich franchises do not attract big crowds; on the other, these businesses never complain about having too much free-time. The sandwich franchises somewhat fill-in the hole of the market niche. The product they sell is not exactly a heavy meal nor it is a cafe gourmet.

For this reason, the sandwich franchise, bagel franchises and the burger franchises attract conscientious teenagers and middle aged clientele. Generally, people who want to have a quick, healthy and a satisfying meal are potential candidates for the sandwich and healthy burger products. Unfortunately, it is hard to market sandwiches to younger kids. For them, McDonalds still rules the world!

Sandwich Franchise Guide

The sandwich franchise can be more difficult to run than the fast food outlet. There are many issues involved in preparation of sandwiches. Unfortunately, it is not enough to serve sandwiches with the cold meats, cheese and lettuce. A lot of customers want to have a fried bacon, cooked beef and even scrambled eggs. Thus, the service requires to handle and prepare products on site.

Unfortunately, cooking is one of the attributes to attract wider range of customers. The food safety is another very sensitive issue in the sandwich franchise operations. In fast food businesses most things are fried. In the sandwich or bagel franchise you serve fresh and cooked products at the same time. Thus, the possibility to contaminate meat and vegetables bacteria is much higher than in other businesses.

However, not all is that gloomy. The current culinary trend is in the healthy food. Thus, it has been reported in the business reviews that many sandwich franchises easily outperform fast food outlets. This also applies to burger franchises, which offer healthier products than their fast food counterparts. Generally, you should not run sandwich franchise without the prior experience in the food business. The training provided by franchisors is sufficient but the front-line operation can be overwhelming.

Sandwich Franchise Prices

The sandwich franchise, bagel franchises and burger franchises have very similar costing model. You need between $200K-$350K for a franchise and startup fees. However, you must be careful where you put that money. The returns from the sandwich franchise in the shopping center will be much higher than that for the bagel franchises.

Burger franchises, though well known through the fast food giants can also end up to be a disappointment. Most customers will not understand that the burger franchise charges more for the burger than the McDonalds or Hungry Jack. In this case, the sandwich franchise will be more appreciated (or understood) than other types of bread-driven franchises. Thus, $200K for the bagel franchises or burger franchises is a similar investment as that of $350K for the sandwich franchise. Currently, Fancy Filing and the Trios Wraps offer a good potential in the sandwich franchise market.

Bagel Franchise

Bagels have been originally invented in Poland about 450 years ago. Surprisingly, these products are not that popular among the original consumers. Ironically (through emigration) the concept of the bagel has become successful in USA. However, only commercial centers provide prospects of good business returns.

On average, Americans consume 26 bagels a year. Most consumers come from the major metropolitan areas. In Australian cities, the number is much smaller and almost insignificant in the countryside. Thus, bagel franchises are predominantly an urban phenomena. If you decide to invest then Big Apple Bagels, Big City Bagels and Between Rounds are good bagel franchises to choose.

Burger Franchise

The burger franchises are different concepts from the the idea of the major fast food outlets. Unfortunately, customers do not often understand it. For starters, burger franchises produce fresh food.

Therefore, the price is substantially higher. You will have a problem to compete if your store is next to McDonalds or a Hungry jack. However, both in the countryside and the CBD the popularity of the fresh burger is very strong.