Printing Franchise

The printing business is a bit of the phenomena in the developed world. Most products and services have a very limited scope against the China businesses. In fact, a lot of Australian and US factories, communication centers and large scale services are constantly outsourced. Thus, there is very little opportunity for local businesses to serve the internal markets.

However, printing services continue to defy the pessimistic economic trends. Businesses and private individuals continue to hire local printers. As with other printing operators, you have a choice to run your own business or join a printing franchise.

Printing Franchise Guide

We would not recommend to always join the printing franchise in order to succeed in this business. The printing franchises are great to provide a uniform and clearly defined services. The proven business model, franchisee networking and the synchronised standards are the benefits of joining a franchise. What's more the printing franchises have a stronger advertising powers.

However, an independent operator has an advantage to quickly adapt to the changing markets. There is no franchisor who limits your decisions or prevents you to implement novel ideas. Also, the money you invest in the printing franchise can sometimes be better spent on your own advertising.

In many situations, this advertising is more efficient than the franchisor marketing campaigns. Thus, if you are an experienced printing specialist and you do understand the local market then the printing franchise may not meet your expectations. However, for a novice printer the franchise offers a proven methodology to compete (even though it is a more expensive option). If you decide on the printing franchise then you must investigate your competition.

Remember, the service prices are only one element of the successful printing equation. The efficiency, meeting deadlines and providing unusual printing formats are the key aspects. We would suggest that your printing franchise should always offer a wide format printing, posters and the signage (in addition to the basic services). The reason is simple. Most private and business customers do have a high quality printers.

However, very few have a specialised equipment to make larger than A4 prints. The same applies to novelties like foil printing, paper impressions, etc. There are number of good printing franchises which you should investigate. Kwik Kopy, Snap Printing and Signarama are just 3 popular Australian businesses which have a proven business model.

The Printing Franchise Price

The total printing franchise investment is not clear. However, the initial fees and charges cost around $200K-$300K. Unfortunately, the working capital may be significant.

You may need to reserve another $200K for printing franchise operations. Again, this investment is worth for a starting printing businessman. The experienced printers should not be afraid to start their own independent printing franchise ventures.