Photography Franchise

Unfortunately, great photographic skills and artistic talent are not enough to run a successful photography business. There are few prominent and established photographic companies but most will struggle to live exclusively on the service. There are many options to sell the photographic services. Weddings, proms, school photos, graduation ceremonies, etc. are the most obvious choices.

However, the competition is tough. And to convince the restaurant owners, university council or school body to provide your photo services at their premises is even a tougher task to achieve. This is where photography franchise comes to the rescue. By joining bigger photography franchises, you ensure that the franchisor works on the advertising exposure, while you concentrate on the "shots".

Photography Franchise Overview

There is a number of different types of photography franchises. Some offer services across the board. Others specialise in weddings, celebrations or school photos. In the case of the photo franchise industry it is not always the best idea to diversify.

Most franchisors, which provide advertising across the board will charge much higher fees. Simply put, the diversified advertising-budget is spread to too many sources, producing a weaker exposure for each client. On the other hand, the specialised photo franchise can allocate resources directly to their selected group of clients.

For example, the school photography franchises tackle educational institution for advertising. The wedding photo franchises concentrate around wedding magazines and websites. The graduation photo specialists look at tertiary education and so on... It is true, that you may earn more per picture from contracts which do not come from your main customer-line. However, the net earnings will not be that different between few expensive wedding photos and multiple but cheaper school photos.

Photography Franchise Companies

In Australia, there are few affordable and yet profitable photography franchises. Here, we would recommend businesses such as:

  • Top Snap
  • Sandpit Photos
  • PixiFoto
  • Breeze Photos
  • Viva Life Photography

You should aim at the photo franchise which provides an excellent marketing rather than training package. Most photography franchisees are already the professional photographers. What's more, you can always study photography using accredited courses. However, the successful marketing component is something which only franchisor can teach through the business experience.

Photography Franchise Prices

As the rule of thumb, 2-3 years of your net profit should equate to the photography franchise investment. Thus, if the photo franchise costs $40K then you should make that amount in 2-3 years of your operations. Top Snap - the property photography franchise - costs $40K. The children photography franchise, Sandpit Photos, sells for $15K-$30K. The price for the photo printing franchise - the Breeze Photo - is about $40K. The high caliber boutique and studio photography franchise - Viva Life Photography, requires a staggering investment of $250K-$300K