Juice Franchise

The juice franchise is a bit of the novelty. The idea began couple of decades ago to accommodate "healthy choices" in our diet. The product is not complicated and it is made in the similar way as the milkshake. The key to the success is the attractive combination of fruits and juices rather then the complexity of the beverage.

Juice Franchise Advantages

Juice franchises have number of advantages over other food franchise services. Firstly, there is no cooking and frying involved. Most of the food products can be purchased in the local stores.

The equipment is simple to operate and requires minimum space. For this reason, many juice franchises can easily operate in the middle alleys of the shopping centers. There is no need for commercial kitchens nor there is requirement for the storage area.

Why Juice Franchise?

The juice franchise does not require in-depth training. The method to make the product does not differ between various menu choices. There is low chance of accidents and zero possibility to get burned. The storage of the individual juice components is also simple. Few fridges and few industrial mixers is all what the franchise requires to operate. A small section in the middle of the shopping-center alley is enough to get the necessary exposure. But there is still more to this type of the business. The fashion for refreshing drinks which are alternatives to cooldrinks is still strong. The juice-shakes also provide some nutrition with little or no carbs and fat elements.

Juice Franchise Problems

The popularity of the juice franchises cannot be disputed. However, this does not mean that the business is an automatic success. The coffee-cookie, ice-cream and even donut franchises also discovered the benefit of juices. A lot of franchises offer juices as the alternative products to their core menus. What's more, the juice business is relatively simple to start. Many independent operators can initiate outlets which can swarm the original franchises.

Juice Franchise Cost

The most visible juice franchise is Boost. The company offers juice and smoothies around major shopping outlets. You need to invest $240K-$300K to start the Boost business. Most of the initial investment is directed towards store establishment expenses. Also, you can get cheaper alternatives. The good example is Van Go Australia, which delivers fresh coffee and juice to its customers. For as little as $20K you can start Van Go Australia and provide two different but popular products.