Internet Franchise

Internet is a multi-billion dollars business. It is also the largest marketing platform. There is virtually no company, which would not market their products through internet. Even so, there are "zegillions" of those who provide online services. Thus, the internet franchise, website franchise and web design franchise should theoretically be a lucrative business. Really? Well, not exactly. The idea of the internet franchise does make sense but it is not a clear winner.

Internet Franchise Overview

There are various ways you can provide services over internet. You can run online applications, design websites, sell products via internet and more... The unification of businesses under the same internet franchise does make sense. The most obvious form is the website franchise (also known as the web design franchise). However, internet business is more complex than serving fast food products. You do not need large scale investments to design websites (or to offer internet marketing services) but that makes it even more competitive.

Most companies start from the bedroom-office before reaching the top. In many situations, it is not the investment but "brains" which dictate the success of the internet business. So, where are we with the internet franchise? The good news is that internet and website franchises are international businesses. Thus, you are not confined to run web design franchise from local operators. The internet service is a global phenomena and it is not limited to local distributors.

The internet franchise concept does have its merits. Online advertising exposure and the proven database marketing methods are some benefits of joining internet franchises. For example, MyDestinationInfo offers advertising (in their frequently visited online directories) in exchange for free copywriting services. Others, (such as Bloomtools) are website franchises which provide tools to create successful websites.

Is It Worth It To Join Internet Franchise?

Is it worth it to join such a franchise? If you want to run a local web design franchise then probably not. Few small-business owners will know or care about the website designer's brand. Most local clients will look for the cheapest and the easiest to find website business.

If you are not in the local newspaper, local online directory then probably your local clients will ignore you. However, If you try to muscle your business globally than brand does matter. The online customers are more educated about the internet service and they will not risk the corporate marketing with the unknown business. However, the web design franchise, website franchise or internet franchise is not a guarantee to get many customers. Most of these franchises offer tools, marketing data and the resources to create good websites rather than the proven marketing exposure.

Internet Cafe Franchise

The internet cafe is an interesting business concept. It allows you to check your email and chat online while munching cake and seeping cappuccino. It was a concept for a lunch break in the CBD area.

However, the idea is few decades old and a lot has changes since then. For starters, almost everyone owns a computer. What's more, modern mobile phones and recently introduced ipads make internet cafe an obsolete industry. Yes, there is a need for an internet cafe in certain areas. But CBD is progressively too expensive for this business.

So, what about the internet cafe franchise? Well, apart from some advertising and having a bigger purchase power to buy software, you will not benefit much. In fact, independent operators do not perform any worse than the internet cafe franchises. If you join the franchise than $5K initial investment is a fair price to pay.