Franchising Opportunity in Australia

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Types of Franchising Opportunities

Currently, Australian market is strongly inclined into a finance and brokerage. It is not surprising that two businesses which offer finance/brokerage services are rated within the first top ten franchise opportunities in the country.

Unfortunately, life is more complex than meets the eye. Although, current economic systems is attractive to this kind of service the reliance on the volatile lending market can be risky.

The establishment fee for Smartline and Mortgage Choice is around $30K. This is similar to the starting fee of some petrol station operators.

It is hard to work and manage gas stations. Visiting clients in a suite with a flashy laptop is obviously a better franchise opportunity. However, petrol stations will serve customers for many years to come. On the other hand, the lending bonanza can stop suddenly.

The Ranking of Your Franchise Opportunity

Fortunately, there is no shortage of franchises offered to the public. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut, which franchise opportunity is right.

The famous and relatively safe franchise opportunities do come with relatively high prices. Caltex petrol stations demand an initial investment of 200K; McDonalds may be 2-3 times as expensive depending on the location. The less secure and less known businesses are cheaper. However, the need to use these services is also reduced.

Smartline Franchise Opportunity

Smartline offers the best franchise opportunities (according to the TopFranchise). It is a mortgage/finance service. The initial investment is $25K plus fees. It is a quick business to setup (4 weeks) and provides an ongoing training.

The additional benefits of Smartline franchise opportunity are: possibility to work from home, multi-unit ownership and low administration overheads. Smartline has 200 units around the country.

Signwave Franchise Opportunity

Another franchise opportunity is Signwave which provides services for large format digital prints. It is a completely different type of a business when compared with the Smartline.

This business requires expensive tools and materials. The initial investment is $300K plus royalty fees and expenses.

Mrs Fields Franchise Opportunity

Mrs Fields is a Coffee and Cake type of franchise, which ranks at number 3. It is an established business (since 1977) which can be setup up in 3 months.

The initial investment into this franchise opportunity is dear ($200K-$300K) but the business location ensures a good customer-base. Most outlets are situated in busy shopping centres, thus the franchise has a proven concept to survive.

Mrs. Fields offers their franchisees an excellent training and marketing. Not an easily affordable franchise but relatively safe.

Mortgage Choice Franchise Opportunity

Mortgage Choice is another financial franchise opportunity. Ranked at 4, the Mortgage Choice is a reminder of the strong lending market in Australia.

The franchise requires an initial investment of $32K. This is comparable with Smartline but the number of outlets for Mortgage Choice is now 300.

The business model of Mortgage Choice is inclined towards a brokerage rather than the finance. This means that franchisees are paid commission regardless of the lender they offer.