Handyman Franchises

The handyman franchises are not for someone who just wants to buy a business. You must be passionate about repairing and maintenance before becoming a franchisee. If you have a flair for repairs then you have an option to advertise solo services. Alternatively, you can run an established handyman franchise. In Australia and US there is a need for handyman franchises. Some of the businesses are actual plumbing franchises which offer carpentry and maintenance as additional services.

Handyman Franchises Guide

If you are known to be the "Mr Fix It" in your local area then try to build on it. Local advertising and internet marketing will boost your clientele in the preferred areas of operations. In this case you can be successful without joining a known handyman franchise. However, if you have skills but not enough advertising exposure then handyman franchises will help you.
Generally, you need about $30K-$50K to run a handyman or plumbing franchise. This may be a lot in some areas but a real bargain in others. City suburbs constantly need the service of the handyman. The areas where population is older, the handyman franchises can virtually sit on the gold.

You should diversify your handyman franchise with other services. Your franchisor may not like it but your customers will absolutely love it. Thus, do not try to purchase a plumbing franchise and the handyman franchise separately. Decide which one is more profitable and run the other service next to your core responsibilities.

Handyman Franchises Companies

There are two handyman franchises, which we would recommend to consider:

  • Hire a Hubby and
  • CPR Complete Property Rejuvenation.

As for the plumbing franchise, the Save Tonnes Plumbing is the most versatile. The nice thing about the Save Tonnes Plumbing is the low cost and adaptability. However, all plumbing franchises will insist on the full plumbing license. The handyman franchises require an experience rather than specific qualifications.

Generally, do not jump into the handyman franchise or the plumbing franchise for a mere advertising exposure. Most franchisors from the maintenance industry only advertise their services in local newspapers and internet. The franchisor must provide a proven track record, 1300 number, the internet marketing and media exposure. The training should also cover the most needed repairs techniques.

Handyman Franchises and Plumbing Franchises Prices

You need about $30K-$40K to run a handyman franchise. Fortunately, the mobile franchises do not need a large working capital. The plumbing franchises can be even cheaper. The Save Tonnes Plumbing franchise costs $2K and about $3K per year in running costs.