Franchise Restaurants

Franchise restaurants can range from conventional outlets to hybrid-style food serving schemes. The market trend is towards diversified businesses which offer both: the restaurant standard and the take-away convenience. For this reason, the majority of franchise restaurants resemble the business model of cafe franchises. The cafe franchises are successful because they offer service for burger lovers and oysters fans alike. The successful restaurants franchisors quickly realised that, in order to survive, they must attract wider customer base.

Therefore, if you want to grab clients who need a breakfast in the morning, quick cappuccino during tea-time and a fancy meal for the evening then you must choose the diversified business model. Currently, there is a number of successful franchise restaurants and cafe franchises which are for sale. Most of these outlets have a very good business methodology. However, there is more to the "canvas" than meets the eye...

How to Open Franchise Restaurants

Everything depends on the budget. However, keep in mind that bigger does not mean more expensive. Before, deciding to purchase one of the franchise restaurants you should (or must) try to work in one of their outlets. Serving customers for couple of weeks will provide a solid understanding what is involved.

For starters, you will get an idea what meals are the most popular in different times. You will also have a solid understanding of the employment model and the customer service. For example, do other franchisees offer complementary freebies for a bad service? How many customers will warrant the employment of new staff members?

Unfortunately, a lot of restaurant and cafe franchisors do not have the full idea about the pit-falls of their businesses. The marketing researches are great, but it is the shop floor experience which will drive your decision. Earlier we mentioned that the diversified restaurant model is probably the best bet. If you have decided on the cafe franchise than the diversified system is already implemented. Hard work, positive attitude and smile is not enough, though. In many situations you will have to improvise.

For example, some core meals may need to be modified. You may also try to see if certain meals can pass religious and minority groups acceptance. You can use the BYO license to reward loyal customers by not charging for "corking". The discounts for birthdays and anniversaries are also great incentives which will bring lasting impressions.

Franchise Restaurants and Cafe Franchises Cost

As with other franchises, the cost of franchise restaurants is never fully known. There are just to many variables. An average cafe franchise will sell within the magic range of $250K-$500K. The same applies to franchise restaurants.

However, a lot of people are too concerned with the initial investment. This is often misleading as you also need a healthy budget for few years ahead. For example, Nando's restaurants sell for about $35K. However, you need to secure $450K to be eligible to run the outlet.

For this reason, other franchisors include more items in the initial investment. As the rule of thumb you need 250K-$500K to open an outlet of a cafe franchise. Even smaller sized operations, which fit in the middle alleys of the shopping centers require a similar budget. However, some of the franchise restaurants which use the "bar" business model can be cheaper.

For example, the Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar can cost as little as $100K. The maximum investment for this business is about $250K. Nonetheless, the initial costs may not necessarily provide a proper business picture. The popularity of the product throughout the week is still the essential factor for the success. Thus, the Italian style pastas and pizzas are great for take-always (and the dating high school sweethearts). However, the menu will not bring customers who come for a serious date or the anniversary celebrations.