Fitness Franchise

The fitness and sports centers are probably the best operations for the franchise model. The fitness franchises have a proven expertise to understand what clients really want. The fitness business is not about painful exercises and loosing some weight. Nor, it is about the endurance.

The idea of fitness franchises, a gym franchise or sports franchises is to provide fitness but in the enjoyable way. Clients who are discouraged through a painful experience will unlikely enter the gym again. Anyone can offer premises for treadmills and aerobic classes. However, only few offer programs to effectively build up the fitness level.

Fitness Franchise Opportunities

If you are an experienced trainer with good business skills than franchise will be too expensive for you. Most local advertising will cost a fraction of the franchisor's fees. Generally, people do not care if you run a gym franchise, sports franchises or an independent fitness club. As long as you have decent fees and a good equipment the customers will be there.

However, the business experience is vital for the fitness industry. If you have skills but not a commercial exposure then the more expensive fitness franchise has more merits than the cheaper independent operation. Fitness franchises do have a proven business model. Years of experience make gym franchises more suitable for the local population. The gym franchise has usually fitness programs which have been perfected for many years. Thus, the fitness franchise opportunities are not just limited to the facilities but also extended to the personalised training.

The fitness franchises have also an access to experienced trainers. Thus, gym franchises can network their trainers and help each other when needed. In fact, the franchisees' consultation networks are the reason for the success among the sports franchises. However, the fitness franchise opportunities are not bound to business structures alone.

Fitness Franchise Location

The location of fitness franchises is as important as the actual business model. In countryside there is a limited scope for the fitness industry. Yes, the competition is lower there, but it is unlikely that farmers will understand the difference between the gym franchise and the "Joe Bloke" fitness club. Thus, if you decide to go to smaller towns then try to run the operation independently. On the other hand, the urban clusters offer perfect fitness franchise opportunities. A lot of city-people do know the difference between a good gym franchise and the fitness "rubbish-shack".

Fitness Franchise Guide

Fitness franchises are not cheap. The gym franchises and sports franchises can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, fitness franchises are not just for a skilled trainer. These businesses are generally purchased by people having a lot of money to invest.

Fitness Franchise Companies

There are number of fitness franchises which are for sale.

Our favourite is Anytime Fitness franchise. The business is the first and the largest 24-hour operation. It has a worldwide exposure (1400 outlets) with affordable prices.

Kieser Training Center is another gym franchise, which offers guidance to the healthy lifestyle. It is one of the most experienced fitness franchises which has been operating for 25 years. The Kieser Training Center has a business model which offers fitness franchise opportunities even in the rural areas. It is a great choice for those who seek market niche in the already competitive business.

EFM Health Club belongs to one of the most innovative fitness franchises. Here, the franchisor provides a simple fitness concept to the public and rent-free facilities to the franchisee. This is one of the best fitness franchise opportunities for starting skillful trainers who do not have a large capital. The business model is not suitable for CBD centers but a proven concept for suburban operations.

Finally, the Plus Fitness 24/7 is a typical gym franchise. The franchisor offers sports franchises throughout Australia for over 14 years. The Plus Fitness franchises are not original operations but have a proven business model to attract clients.

Fitness Franchise Prices

The gym franchises and sports franchises are expensive operations. Anytime Fitness franchises charge $150K-$250K plus the cost of hiring the equipment. The Plus Fitness 24/7 sells for about $150K. Even smaller operators can cost more than $100K.
However, there are cheaper options. For example, EFM Health Club charges only $70K for its franchises. Both, the training and rent are included in EFM fees. In fact, the EFM is an ideal choice for the low-capital investors.