Education Franchises

Twenty years ago, education franchises were growing like mushrooms. These businesses reminded the local and federal governments that public education is insufficient. Today, the picture is a bit different and yet, somewhat the same. The reason is in the complex employment opportunities and the reformed standards of the public educational sector. Education franchises range from tutoring organisations to fully operational private schools. Many families can still afford personal tutoring services but have little chance to pay for private schools.

Education Franchises Opportunities

Unfortunately, the University degrees do not guarantee any employment. The over-supply of the tertiary educated people lead to the diminished professional employment market. Therefore, the excellent academic results are not as popular as before. What's more, the public education sector has been dramatically reformed with many options which help children to cope.

However, the demand for more prestigious faculties (e.g. Medicine) and the upgraded requirements for technical collages, provide education franchises with plenty of opportunities. Thus, both private schools and the tutoring services will continue to service students for years to come. Nevertheless, there is more to the education franchise than meets the eye.

There are franchises which deal with the early education, adult education and the personal coaching. In fact, it is the success of the adult education franchise, which prompts many businesses to divert their attention to business coaching, leadership skills and technical training. Most adult education franchises provide a custom-service for people who need a quick training to meet their job requirements. These services can generate a substantial cash incentives for the franchisee and excellent returns for the client.

Education Franchises Prices

The education franchise is very different from the standard commercial franchises. The business of education deals with the development of people but seldom provides quick fixes to business and personal problems. For this reason, the real value of the business is somewhat difficult to estimate. Most tutoring franchises sell for around $20K-$30K. The early education franchise can cost about $50K. The coaching businesses which aim at corporate clients can sell for $80K.

Education Franchises Guide

What education franchise should I choose? The standard school tutoring franchises can be risky. Most established education franchises rely on the word of mouth. Yes, they do provide some advertising but the actual brand suppose to be the key for the success.

Unfortunately, not many personal tutoring businesses are known. Those, such as Kumon, which made their mark are costly ($30K-$130K). The early education franchise is a bit of a novelty. However, study shows that the business is popular.

We would not recommend business coaching franchises unless these incorporate leadership and public speaking modules. The demand for leadership and public speeches is high among company representatives. The mere business coaching (though has some successes to service entrepreneurs) is seldom a bread winner for the operator.