Dry Cleaning Franchises

There are many garments and types of carpets which deteriorate with, what is called, the "wet cleaning". Some materials require a dry cleaning process which most households cannot provide. Thus, the potential for the dry cleaning industry is huge. However, the demand also creates a strong competition among dry cleaning operators.

The ordinary cleaning franchises do not always perform better than the independent cleaning businesses. But, the dry cleaning franchises are exception to this rule. Here, the dry cleaners franchise is strongly recommended over the self-made business. The modern chemicals, machines and technology will always be more accessible with the bigger company than with the smaller operator.

Dry Cleaning Franchises Guide

There is a type of the dry cleaners franchise which can operate from home and there is one which requires premises. Generally, the dry carpet cleaner is a mobile type business while the dry cleaner franchise is the shop-based operator. The total investment for both types of dry cleaning franchises can be very similar. However, the green sites for the dry cleaners franchise usually cost more than those for the mobile dry carpet cleaning centers.

Daisy Dry Cleaning, KC Drycleaning and Brown Gouge are types of a typical dry cleaners franchise which operates from premises. Drytron and Chem-Dry are examples of the mobile carpet dry cleaning franchises. All franchises offer training, administrative assistance and the territory. Some, such as Daisy Dry Cleaning, provide their franchisees with non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemicals.

You can also purchase an independent dry cleaning business. For the store-style operations there is no difference between the dry cleaners franchise or the self-made business. Most customers will come because the premises are at their doorsteps. However, the situation for the mobile operators is very different. The mobile dry cleaner franchise (such as carpet dry cleaners) do require an established brand. In this case, dry cleaning franchises represent the best choice in the industry.

Dry Cleaning Franchises Prices

The Daisy Dry Cleaning costs $150K-$180K to open a store. The price includes training, equipment and fitout. The price for Drytron mobile dry cleaner franchise ranges between $50K and $200K.

The price includes training, equipment, customer-base and the territory. However, well established dry cleaning franchises can sell for as much as 500K or more. In most cases it is the success of the store, which will determine the total investment.