Driving Instructor Franchise

The driving instructor franchise is a business opportunity for those who love driving. A lot of people believe that the service is simple and stress-free. Unfortunately, driving instructors face pressures which not many drivers can handle. However, those who can keep calm teaching their own kids and partners are suited for the job. Ok, I want to run the driving school. Why should I choose the driving instructor franchise?

Driving Instructor Franchise Guide

Driving instructor franchises are not only about passenger cars. There are businesses which also teach to drive commercial vehicles and 4WD cars in the off-road environments. However, the most popular are the passenger vehicle driving schools.

It is not surprising that in Victoria alone there are about 1000 driving schools and driving instructor franchises. The number of authorised driving instructors in the state is around 3000. It is estimated that only 34% of the driving school businesses nationwide operate in the role of a franchise. The question is - should I start my own driving school or join the "big brother"?

Driving Instructor Franchise Cost

Starting a driving school is not difficult. After training, you need to purchase a specifically prepared vehicle. For most of the driving instructors this is the main cost of the business. This is also the reason why many choose to create their own business rather than joining the larger corporation.

However, there is a problem. The driving instructors are swamped by the competition. In Victoria alone Yellow Pages lists about 900 driving schools. Unless you are known from the word of mouth, the chances to feed the family from this business are minimal. Therefore, many choose to join larger corporations.

A driving instructor franchise is one of those options to get a better marketing exposure. You will pay about $30K to purchase a passenger vehicle driving instructor franchise. For defensive driving and the 4WD schools $50K is more applicable. Businesses, which teach commercial vehicle driving, sell for $100K or more.

The Driving Instructor Franchise Conclusion

You should recalculate the benefits in joining the driving instructor franchise. In most cases, you can purchase the same advertising for less than the initial investment fee. The advantage of joining the driving instructor franchise is really in the time management. Simply put, you let others do the advertising for you.