Dog Franchise

There is hardly anybody who does not love dogs. These "best men's friends" are certainly very popular pets among Australians and US citizens. It is not surprising, that the affection towards these animals has an important business implication. This is evident in the number of dog franchises around metropolitan areas. And the demand is strong. People living in apartments have very little time and space to take care of their pets. Even those, who have facilities often choose a contractor to groom dogs for them.

What's more, the strict regulation for big and dangerous dogs requires that animals are also properly trained. Thus, the idea of a dog grooming franchise or a dog training franchise progressively wins the market. But, do I have to join the franchise? Well, no... but the dog franchise has a better advertising power (in pet magazines, VET outlets, radio and local newspapers) than the individual operator. However, if you are an already known pet business then joining a franchise may not significantly improve your returns.

Dog Franchise Guide

Essentially, the dog franchise falls into two major categories. You can join a dog grooming franchise or a dog training franchise. The business model of each pet franchise is further modified to give that extra edge against competitors. There are convenient mobile pet grooming franchises, which use the owners' facilities and there are those which use their own hydro equipment.

Most dog training franchises use hired premises to train dogs. However, there are also personalised services, which train dogs at the owners' place. From the commercial point of view, the dog grooming franchise is a more viable option than the training one. With the grooming business, you have a chance to service the same customers few times a year.

This is contrary to the dog training franchise, where each customer needs the service once. In this case, you are forced to constantly search for more customers because previous clients will seldom need your help again. However, the working capital for the mobile dog training franchise is significantly lower than that for the grooming business. Ok, let's now review pet franchises which deserve some recognition.

Dog Franchise Companies

City Farmers Dogwash is a dog grooming franchise which specialises in washing. The company offers a comprehensive list of inclusions into the initial fee. The City Farmers Dogwash is a growing company and has a potential to inflate the franchise price in future. The marketing level of this provider is also very good.

Pet Mobile is the next dog grooming franchise, which offers clipping and washing service at owners' premises. This is a proven 15 year old business which needs a low working capital.

The Aussie Pooch Mobile is yet another dog grooming franchise which has been operating for almost 20 years. This pet franchise offers an exclusive local and national advertising. The Aussie Pooch Mobile is primarily a dog wash business. However, you are also trained to do clipping and hair cutting.

Dogtech is a dog training franchise which specialised in the in-house dog training techniques. The company has grown 3% per annum since 1997, thus it is a great contender for the business investment. Dogtech provides an in-home correction of pet dog behavioural problems, puppy schools and obedience training. There are also sets of Dogtech products, which franchisor can sell directly to their clients.

Bark Busters is another dog training franchise with fantastic training techniques. The company offers a 3 week course, which will empower the franchisee to apply the top of the range dog-training techniques. Bark Busters uses a proven dog training model which has been in demand for over 22 years.

Dog Franchise Prices

The pet franchise can cost anything between $20K to $80K. The cost of the vehicles and outgoings is generally not included in the price. City Framers Dogwash costs about $28K for an established business and $35K for the new area. Pet Mobile has even a wider price discrepancy. The price for Pet Mobile starts at $25K. However, the older and most established locations can cost $80K.

The dog training franchise is cheaper. But this does not mean that the business is easily affordable. Dogtech sells for $25K to $35K. The Bark Busters have a uniform fee of $27.5K.