Consumer Franchises

There are number of options available to people who considering to invest into consumer franchises including:

  • Fitness consumer franchises
  • Computer consumer franchises
  • Travel consumer franchises
  • Handyman consumer franchises
  • Storage consumer franchises
  • Childcare consumer franchises

Fitness Consumer Franchises

Fitness consumer franchises are not cheap. The gym franchises and sports franchises can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, sports franchises are not just for a skilled trainer. These types of consumer franchises are generally purchased by people having a lot of money to invest.

Computer Repair Consumer Franchises

The efficiency of the computer repair consumer franchise is the key for the success. Fast service charges less and attracts more customers through positive word of mouth. Nonetheless, not all computer franchises understand the need for an efficient and well proven model. It is up to the franchisor to provide you with facilities to purchase new software, new parts and the interface. Often, you will have to improvise to boost this type of consumer franchises.

Travel Consumer Franchises

The main business objective of the travel agent consumer franchise is to sell holiday packages. Yes, the majority of clients want the air tickets but good holiday combos are the real product of success. The good travel agency franchise must have access to worldwide hospitality and travel industry.

Handyman Consumer Franchises

City suburbs constantly need the service of the handyman. The areas where population is older, the handyman franchises can virtually sit on the gold. You should diversify this type of consumer franchise with other services. Generally, you need about $30K-$50K to run a handyman or plumbing franchise.

Storage Consumer Franchises

The bigger the storage franchise the better. Strong advertising exposures, positive testimonials and impressive facilities are some of the benefits of this type of consumer franchise.

Childcare Consumer Franchises

The childcare franchises, which operate from business premises are the most expensive. If you do not have the necessary experience you may try to run the operation in a partnership. Most child care franchises allow multiple owners for each outlet. Generally, this type of consumer franchises are good businesses in the Australian environment.

Lawn Consumer Franchises

Most lawn franchises include the cost of equipment within the price of the investment fee. On average, you can safe about 30% by running your own operations (provided you use a full scale advertising). Most lawn care consumer franchises are evaluated according to the location and the equipment.

Vending Consumer Franchises

The vending consumer franchise is not a uniform businesses and are not uniformly priced. In Australia, there is a number of vending franchises which provide good business opportunities. Aussie Vending, provender Vending Australia and Austvending Pty Ltd are among the best options.

Post Office Consumer Franchises

Currently, the best place to open post office consumer franchise is in Queensland. The cheapest are small town outlets but these can be financially difficult, because post office franchise must also run a news agency in order to profit. Post office franchises are not uniformly priced. The difference between shops can be as high as $700K.