Computer Franchise

The computer franchise has been a successful business model for many years. The advent of personal computers in 80s provided a massive vacuum for affordable computer repair services. Initially, it was not necessary to join the computer franchises. Anyone with the skill to repair computers could open the successful business.

Today, although there are more computers on the market, the pc repair service is very competitive. The low price of hardware, constant introduction of new products and the explosion of iphones and ipads makes computer repair business a very tough game. It is very difficult to convince computer owners to spend $60-$100 to repair an old machine while the new one costs $700. Thus, you need a proven and well advertised system to repair computers. The computer repair franchise is currently the best method to attract customers. Unknown companies may offer lower fees but clients often do not trust the smaller operators.

Computer Repair Franchise Guide

Currently, there is a low margin between the price of a new hardware and the cost to repair computers. Most people will prefer to invest into a new machine if the difference between the purchase and repair is about $400. Therefore, the computer franchise should offer wider services to attract customers. This must include:

  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • General hardware replacement
  • Removal of viruses
  • Computer tuning
  • Diagnostics
  • Computer security

The efficiency of the pc repair franchise is the key for the success. Fast service charges less and attracts more customers through positive word of mouth. Nonetheless, not all computer franchises understand the need for an efficient and well proven model. It is up to the franchisor to provide you with facilities to purchase new software, new parts and the interface. Often, you will have to improvise to boost computer franchise opportunities.

There is nothing wrong to run a computer repair franchise together with the pc shop. You can diversify and expose those business elements, which local customers need the most. This way you use the computer franchise advertising to provide additional services not covered by the franchisor. The ideal situation is to run a computer franchise and the other IT services from the same premises. This way you use the same working capital to run multiple businesses.

Computer Franchise Companies

Probably, the most successful computer franchise in Australia is Computer Troubleshooters Australia. Most franchisees must have prior IT qualifications but the franchise's support is excellent. This is not just another pc repair franchise. The business provides services which suits most of the private and business customers. Computer Troubleshooters Australia offers hardware and software support, system upgrades, regular maintenance, security, internet, networking and even training.

The Computer Solutions Sales and Service is our next candidate. The business is not a true computer repair franchise (or pc repair franchise) but rather it follows the line of sales and troubleshooting consultancy. The Computer Solutions Sales and Service has a proven concept which is easily updated with the ever expending computer market. For customers, who need experts for updates and operating system solutions, the business is a perfect choice.

The Geeks on Call is another reputable computer franchise. This business resembles Computer Troubleshooters Australia with more attention given towards networking. The Geeks on Call is an excellent computer repair franchise. It has a proven business methodology but does require previous IT experience. Most computer franchises do insist on the prior IT education and experience. Thus, computer franchise opportunities aim exclusively at IT professionals.

Computer Franchise Prices

The initial computer franchise fees cost around $20K-$30K. The working capital plus outgoings will require another $20K. Surprisingly, very few computer franchises offer a comprehensive computer training. Therefore, you need to demonstrate a good level of IT knowledge before becoming an owner of the pc repair franchise.

The Computer Troubleshooters Australia costs about $29K in initial fees and startup expenses. The Computer Solutions Sales and Service sells for $25K. The price for Geeks on Call is about $25K. Generally, all prices exclude GST.