Commercial Cleaning Franchises

Commercial cleaning franchises are a bit of the industry confusion. Essentially, the term implies that the franchisee is capable to clean commercial (and industrial???) premises. In reality, ordinary cleaning businesses are as qualified to clean commercial outlets as the commercial cleaning contractors. Nonetheless, the commercial cleaning industry is worth $2.5 billion a year - it is a "tasty cake" for anybody to claim an industrial cleaning specialisation.

You do not have to join commercial cleaning franchises to enter the business. While some franchisors "guarantee" an income of $1000-$20000 per month, there are independent operators who can actually prove $12000 a month from their profit and loss statement. However, commercial cleaning franchises and the office cleaning franchise have an advantage of the proven marketing model. Most of these businesses have an established customer-base and this is the real reason to join the franchise.

Commercial Cleaning Franchises Guide

If you have decided to join one of the commercial cleaning franchises then ensure that the business provides a wide spectrum of services. The so called office cleaning franchise often provides a subset of services which are already included in the commercial cleaning business model. The price of the office cleaning franchise will not be lower than the one for the commercial cleaning franchises. Yet, the number of services from office cleaners is substantially reduced. There is no point to tell your clients: "well, I clean offices but if you have a lab then you must employ someone else". No one will employ cleaners from multiple organisations.

You have to be prepared to clean any commercial and industrial facilities. This includes: stadiums, hotels, medical centers, office buildings, convenience stores, restaurants, retails stores, etc. There is a strong competition, though. A lot of independent operators also fight for the market share. In fact, many industrial businesses hire these cleaners because the cost of their service is low. Nevertheless, sooner or later the commercial clients will search for professional cleaning services (mostly from the commercial cleaning franchises).

Commercial Cleaning Franchise Companies

There are number of quality franchises (including the office cleaning franchise model) which we recommend. These are:

  • Jani-King
  • Mastercare
  • CleanTastic
  • Jannies Cleaning
  • Ace Cleaning

Jani-King, Mastercare, CleanTastic and the Jannies Cleaning are typical commercial cleaning franchises. They specialise in commercial and public buildings and have an established reputation for the quality service. Ace Cleaning is a domestic operator. However, its commercial carpet cleaning services resemble an office cleaning franchise.

All of the above franchises offer customer-base, training and the administration (calls, payments, tax return). Although, these commercial cleaning franchises are very good you must be careful about some financial promises. It is true that you can earn even $20K per month. However, this income is not guaranteed for every month and it is obviously subject to the customer availability.

Nonetheless, the commercial cleaning franchises and office cleaning franchises are very affordable. Some operators (e.g. Ace Cleaning charges a flat fee and no more!). The good addition to the commercial cleaning franchises are factories. However, some specialised factory-cleaning jobs (such as spillages) can only be undertaken by licensed services.

Commercial Cleaning Franchises Prices

You need about $15K plus GST to start a new Jani-King franchise outlet. The same applies to Mastercare. Cleantastic is about $2K-$3K cheaper. Ace Cleaning requires a similar investment for a new branch but only $24K for the established business.

All commercial cleaning franchises promise (and even guarantee!) large incomes. However, ensure that you read the contract properly. The advertised guarantees are not legally binding. It is the contract which provides real obligations.