Cleaning Franchises

Cleaning franchises are really intriguing businesses. In the past, cleaning services franchise would not survive a single day. Today, the situation is different. Although, cleaning is something which does not require training, the work is hard and time consuming. The two-income families are particularly vulnerable to the lack of a cleaning time. Not surprisingly, cleaning businesses take an advantage of the situation, in which households do have the extra cash but no time to clean.

You do not have to join the cleaning franchise to succeed. In fact, the strategic reallocation of financial resources can make your business more successful than any cleaning services franchise. However, business strategy does require an experience. And the experience requires time. If you are retrenched and you do not have the time to experiment then the cleaning franchises are good business options. The real question is - which cleaning franchise should I choose?

The Strategy to Choose Cleaning Franchises

Do not just purchase the most expensive cleaning franchise. Although the prominent cleaning services franchise may have a good reputation, the returns from the business may not be worth the initial investment. Similarly, the cheaper cleaning franchises may not be the best choice either. Often, there is little marketing and training provided by those cost effective operators.

As the rule of thumb you should invest into a medium level cleaning business. This will give you a decent advertising and appropriate training. The best cleaning franchises are those which offer general services. Too much specialisation in the cleaning industry will not win a lot of customers. However there are exceptions to this rule. The specialised cleaning businesses such as:

  • Oven cleaning franchise
  • Window cleaning franchise
  • Commercial cleaning franchises
  • Dry cleaning franchises

are in demand. Nonetheless, the general cleaning franchises are probably the best choices for starting entrepreneurs. You must ensure that your franchisor advertises your business in the local newspaper. The direct mail would be nice but the 1300 number and thorough local marketing is the real must. It is not good for you to travel 50km to clean a single bedroom. Nor it is financially feasible to travel 20K for a basic job.

You must run your cleaning franchise from home. At the initial stage, do not even attempt to hire an office. No client (even commercial) will appreciate that you spend money on the corporate image. All you really need is a business card (which is clearly readable for older people!).

Oven Cleaning Franchise

This is a specialised cleaning franchise, which deals with ovens, cooktops and commercial appliances. The service has its merits, especially within commercial clients. The oven cleaning franchise does require a bit more training than the general cleaning franchises. This means that you must have the access to proper chemicals and methods to provide the service. However, be aware that most commercial operators use their own staff to perform the task. You will most likely be required to service their equipment when situation is critical.

Window Cleaning Franchise

The window cleaning franchise is not a very profitable business in the residential areas. However, in the business district the idea can bring great returns. Most window cleaning franchises assume that you use a ladder, sponge and rubber strip to complete the work. However, those franchisees who are contracted by the business owners may need a substantially more training.

In order to wash multistory buildings you need cherry lifts, cable lifts and/or hoists. You may also need to be qualified to operate this machinery. However, projects like this will bring the best returns for your business. In fact, the window cleaning franchise, which offers this specialised service is among the most successful cleaning franchises.

Commercial Cleaning Franchises

Commercial cleaning franchises have very little advantage over the ordinary cleaning services franchise. Most companies do not see cleaners as the quality service.

They will look for efficiency and the price before contracting the operator.

However, some commercial cleaning franchises offer a valuable experience when compared to the ordinary cleaners. This experience is often that extra competitive edge which is needed by many businesses. This is especially true in the medical industry, food production, electronic labs and car workshops. Almost exclusively these businesses will choose the commercial cleaning franchise over the ordinary cleaning services.

Dry Cleaning Franchises

The dry cleaning franchises have the technological edge over conventional operators. Generally, these are carpet cleaning contractors. The idea of not using water and ordinary shampoos is very appealing to majority of customers. The dry cleaning franchises are particularly needed to clean carpets in private homes, offices, display houses, public venues (theaters, cinemas), schools and more...