Childcare Franchises

There is something annoying about childcare franchises. Almost exclusively, child care franchisors state that you must "love children in order to become their franchisee...". This statement is not only silly but also misleading. Does this mean that you do not like children if you sell your child care franchises??? At the end, the childcare and day care franchise is a business which supports your family. The fact that you must love children to run such operation is obvious.

It is not necessary to join the childcare franchise in order to have clients. In most cases, the child care facilities and the registration with the local council will provide the necessary exposure. Advertisements in local directories and internet marketing will further enhance you business visibility. However, the childcare or day care franchise has the advantage to run proven systems. With daycare franchise, pre school franchise or baby franchise you do not need to investigate your business plan. The proven methodology is provided to your staff as part of the franchisor's training.

Children Franchise

The term - children franchise - often appears in business literature. Generally, the children franchise refers to the industry, which provides services for children and their parents. The children franchise may include:

  • Child care franchises
  • Daycare franchise
  • Pre school franchise
  • Baby franchise

Childcare Franchises Guide

The childcare franchises, which operate from business premises are the most expensive. If you do not have the necessary experience you may try to run the operation in a partnership. Most child care franchises allow multiple owners for each outlet. Those franchisors, which oppose the idea should be ignored. Generally, child care franchises are good businesses in the Australian environment. However, the real need is in urban areas and city centers rather than the countryside.

Most successful childcare franchises are located closer to CBD but in residential suburbs. Many outskirts' operators did "burn their fingers " with their childcare service but the urban development has improved the situation substantially. Most childcare franchises are registered and automatically approved by the Centerlink. However, you must ensure that your outlet is indeed recognised by the Australian Government. Only registered and approved childcare organisations are eligible for child care benefits. If your organisation fails to be recognised, the clients will have to pay full fees.

Childcare Franchises Prices

Unfortunately, child care franchises are evaluated individually. Successful outlets may cost $1-$2 million dollars excluding rent. Some desperate operators can sell for as little as $300K. Again, the cost of outgoings is not included in the sale's price.

You should investigate the history of the childcare outlets before purchasing any. The best indicator is the number of owners. Child care franchises which had 3 or more owners should be thoroughly checked. As the rule of thumb, childcare franchises which bring annual profit of $200K should cost no more than $900K.

Day Care Franchise

The daycare service is a good start for those who do not have the budget for large operations. What's more, local governments provide opportunities to some families to run council-approved day care services. However, the conventional daycare franchise and the baby franchise does not always has the "X" factor. Yet, the innovative programs for children are often things which parents need most. Unfortunately, most induction programs from the council will not provide the necessary strategy to impress parents. This is where daycare franchises can really impress.

The specialised pre school franchise will provide more learning stimulation than the ordinary childcare system. Young Chef's Academy, Hey Dee Ho Music, Henny Penny Hatching and Forte Music are examples of a quality pre school franchise industry. Thus, the day care franchise is not limited to ordinary games but have programs to develop important skills. What's more these programs are not limited to older children. Some of these daycare contractors provide baby franchise operations. These are similar to day care franchises but aimed at toddlers.

Prices for a Day Care Franchise

The price for a daycare franchise, pre school franchise and the baby franchise is much lower than that for the childcare business. Most day care franchises require an investment of $30K-$50K. The day care franchise can often run from home. For those, who do not have the budget and/or experience, the daycare franchise is a good investment prior buying a full blown childcare franchise.