Car Wash Franchise

Car wash franchises are not just about washing the exteriors. The hand-car-wash businesses offer a comprehensive set of options to the customer. For the hand-car-wash, you can expect the franchise to provide:

  • Car cleaning
  • Car shampooing
  • Paint conditioning
  • Engine steam cleaning
  • Duco shine
  • Duco sealing

Interior Car Was Services

Further, the interior service includes:

  • Interior steam cleaning
  • Interior detailing
  • Fabric and leather protection

Customised Car Wash Franchises

The customised car wash franchises offer more to the customer than the self-serve stations. However, the self-serve car wash businesses are available 24 hours per day and, some of them, offer a quick automatic wash. The car detailing franchises are relatively popular among car owners. However, the self-serve outlets are still the winning cash-cows.

Self Serve and Go Car Wash Franchise

The self serve stations are the older type of the car cleaning businesses. However, the success of the operations did not diminish. In Australia, the water restriction campaigns put self-serve car wash franchises back online. Many people cannot wash their cars because city councils impose fines on these activities.

Most self-serve car wash stations recycle storm water. This is the most preferred way to wash cars in Australia. Local and federal Australian governments do not dispute the fact that the water wastage may determine the future of many businesses. If you decide to invest into the car wash franchise then ensure that it employs "green" methods. In most cases, future penalties and fees will fall on the franchisees, not franchisors.

Currently, the Quick N Easy Car Wash is a natural car wash franchise. It is an environmentally-friendly business. The Quick N Easy has the capacity to recycle the storm water. This means that the outlet can operate 30 or more days without the rain to provide a full scale service. The advantage of this methodology is the reduction of running costs. Here, you generally pay for chemicals and electricity, while water contributes marginally towards expenses.

The minimal cost of water is only needed during hot summer times. For the rest of the year the station uses the rain water. So, how much do I need for this car wash franchise? The upfront investment ranges between $250K-$400K depending on the location. The same applies to other operators such as Shine Hand Car Wash Cafe.

Mobile Operators Car Wash Franchise

The mobile car wash franchises have been on the rise for the past decade or so. The reason is the low investment fee and no renting costs. The other benefits are car-wash products which are non-perishable and have a long shelf life. The business can be easily run from home and does not require a storage place.

The mobile car wash franchises do need a car in order to operate. However, most franchisors are flexible in this department. You do not need to have a new car and some businesses even provide a car lease. You have to be very careful which franchise to choose.

There are many mobile car wash franchises but only few have built a good reputation in the past. Nanotek, Jim's Car Cleaning and Car Care Australia are proven mobile car wash franchise businesses. The initial investment is not as high as in the case of self-serve car washing outlets. Most of them sell for $25K-$60K.

Be careful when you decide to purchase the mobile car wash franchise. Here, it is not the chemicals and sponges which count (those you can purchase commercially in any store). The advertising strategy is the key point for the success here. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and check how easy it is to find out about their services.