Car Detailing Franchise

The car detailing franchise is essentially a mobile car wash business. The operator comes to the customer and washes the car (usually by hand) at the client's premises. The business idea is very simple. Thus, most people have the ability to run the franchise with very little training. Therefore, the question is: why should I choose the car detailing franchise? The answer is in the brand. Most people would not let fifteen year old wash their E-Class Mercedes Benz. Nor they would allow a stranger to touch the convertible Audi. Therefore, the brand is what will separate a successful car detailing franchise from the unknown self-made car wash business.

Car Detailing Franchise Guide

The success of the car detailing franchise depends on the operational location. Most franchisors will boost the idea that you and only you have that particular area. However, keep in mind that you are not just competing with the franchisees from the same business. There are other car detailing franchises and private car wash operators who fight for the same customer.

The most decisive variable to succeed in the business is the franchisor's level of advertising for that particular area. The franchisor must "seduce you" with the amount of exposure the business exhibits to the public. This means: internet marketing, house-to-house flyers, printed directories and newspaper ads.

You should be skeptical about statements such as: "... if you work hard then you will succeed..." or "... you can earn between $ and $$$$... ". The franchisor must provide books if you are applying for the existing service. Alternatively, they must show independent marketing analysis for the outlet.

Car Detailing Franchise Types

In the past you had only one type of the car detailing franchise. Today you have two. The traditional car detailing franchise offers the conventional method of washing cars. The operator comes to the premises of the customer and details the client's car. All chemicals and accessories belong to the franchisee. However, water is taken from the clients' premises.

The second method is known as the eco-friendly car wash franchise. It uses recycled water or totally waterless system to wash cars. This method is more advanced but also more expensive for customers. However, the local and state governments do not dispute the fact that businesses maybe penalised for high water consumptions in the future. Today the conventional car wash franchises can still compete. However, in 5 years time these businesses may be obsolete.

Traditional Car Detailing Franchise

The two most prominent options in the traditional car detailing franchise are James Car Detailing and Jims Cleaning Group. Both franchisors offer similar conditions and both require $5K-50K initial investment. The system is simple - customers call the franchisor. If the client is in your area then he/she is referred to you. James Car Detailing deals directly with the car detailing services.

Jim's Cleaning Group allows a larger scope for cleaning services. Jim's Cleaning Group has also a stronger marketing exposure than most traditional car detailing franchises. Nonetheless, you should investigate all options (from the position of the customer) to determine the potential winner for your needs.

Eco Friendly Car Detailing Franchise

Here, we are entering 21st century in the car detailing market. The eco-detailing services use either a recycled water or waterless technology. The examples of good eco detailing car franchises are:

  • Eco Wash
  • Quick And Easy
  • NoWet Waterless Car Clean

The waterless technology is increasingly popular and allow the car to be protected (not just clean) for up to 3 weeks. All products are provided by the franchisor. Eco Wash sells from $45K. Others can be cheaper but a decent location will easily set you back by $50K.