Business Franchises

There are number of options available to people who considering to invest into business franchises including:

  • real estate business franchises
  • business broker franchise
  • mortgage broker franchise
  • insurance franchise
  • bookkeeping business franchises
  • accountancy franchise
  • courier business franchises
  • printing business franchises
  • coaching franchises
  • recruitment business franchises

Real Estate Business Franchises

If you have $200K-$500K to spare, then you should invest into established real estate business franchise. The real estate market works on the proven concept that more you advertise the more clients you get. The established real estate franchises have an excellent exposure to the public. These businesses are constantly launching massive advertising campaigns in newspapers, internet, direct mail, radio and even a television. Therefore, it is very difficult for an independent real estate agent to compete with these real estate franchises.

Business Broker Franchise

This type of business franchise is a bit of the paradox. On one side you help clients to sell and buy franchises, on the other you have already purchased a franchise which is different from the products you propose. However, the business broker franchise is quite specialised and only certain candidates are suitable to run it. The ideal business broker franchisee should be a banker, lawyer, tax expert, consultant and entrepreneur in one person.

Insurance Business Franchise

Insurance business franchises are not very popular in Australia, because large banking and insurance companies are the main competitors. A lot of people take up insurance automatically with superannuation, home loan, etc. Thus, the insurance franchisee in Australia has limited scope to convince potential customers about the covers.

Mortgage Broker Business Franchise

It is better to enter into a mortgage broker franchise rather than start your own business. Most business franchises of this type are not that expensive. You can run the operations from home and you can meet clients at their premises. This reduces the cost of leasing and administration. Mortgage brokers can communicate using mobile phones and emails. This means that secretarial expenses are also minimal.

Bookkeeping Business Franchise

The great thing about bookkeeping business franchises is the fact that you offer a proven service to someone who can be your customer for years to come. Unlike other franchises, the bookkeeping franchise does not need to hunt for new clients continuously.

Accounting Business Franchise

If you are a starting accountant then this type of business franchise is the best choice for your career. These accounting franchises will not be cheap but they will expose you to more clients. Customers coming from private and small business backgrounds may settle with less known independent accountants.

Courier Business Franchises

Courier franchises do perform better than independent couriers but the number of franchisees selling their own business is not exactly known either. You do not have to get into this type of business franchise to succeed. Courier franchises will not train you to manage the outgoings.

Printing Business Franchises

We would not recommend to always join the printing business franchise in order to succeed in this business. The proven business model, franchisee networking and the synchronised standards are the benefits of joining a printing franchises . What's more the printing business franchise have a stronger advertising powers.

Coaching Business Franchise

Unfortunately, this type of business franchise is a financial risk when compared with the independent operations. You can get good returns with franchises but the financial investment is significant. You need about $5K for training and about 20K for a working capital to run the coaching franchise business. If you choose to work from home then your running costs are minimal.

Recruitment Business Franchises

The recruitment franchise may not necessarily perform better than the independent agency. However, long-time operating franchisors have a more advertising exposure than the independent players. If you are short with money then you should try your own agency than to buy recruitment business franchise.