Beauty Franchise

The beauty franchise is a powerful business. And yet, the beauty market aims predominantly at the "weaker sex". Economists has always been puzzled. Despite economic situation, the beauty industry continues to prosper. This means that women will approach beauticians irrespective of the financial situation.

What's more, there is ever increasing number of male clients who want to improve their looks too. Beauty brand does matter. Yes, the word of mouth is the strongest advert but not many customers arrive this way. You can start your independent beauty salon or you can join the beauty franchise.

Beauty Franchise Types

There are number of beauty franchises which offer a comprehensive set of services. There are also specialised beauty franchises, such as:

  • Beauty salon franchise
  • Day spa franchise
  • Tanning franchise
  • Hair salon franchise
  • Nail salon franchise

Beauty Franchise Guide

The best beauty franchises are those which offer diversified set of services. However, the range of beauty services must be within the reason. It is unlikely that you will have your staff qualified in all aspects of the beauty industry. Thus, you may end up with redundant workers if there are too many specialised services. There are number of good quality beauty franchises you can join:

  • Brazilian Butterfly beauty franchise
  • Alive Clinics beauty franchise
  • Just Lashes Pty Ltd beauty salon franchise
  • Results Laser Clinic beauty salon franchise
  • nail salon franchise

The benefit of running a beauty franchise is obvious. You get some advertising, centralised booking system, tax return and training. The established beauty salon franchise can be a real gem. However, the lady-customer is not naive and she will evaluate your performance individually. Thus, the brand does matter in order to invite customers. However, your skill will determine if these customers are there to stay.

Day Spa Franchise

The day spa franchise is an opportunity to run a proven business concept. But there is a problem - a lot of new home-owners in the city-outskirts own spas. However, most people rent smaller apartments in urban areas. This group has both the need and the finance to indulge in professionally operated spas.

The best day spa franchise is probably the Endota Day Spa. It is a network of professionally managed franchises which run under a proven business model. Endota customers, not only indulge in jets of water but have a chance to use skin care products with the very "zest" ingredients. Endota day spa franchise is certainly a leading player in the business. Unfortunately, good quality products are not cheap.

Endota day spa franchise starts at $250-$420K depending on location. You will require a substantial working capital to operate the business successfully. Thus, the total investment for the day spa franchise is about $600K.

Tanning Franchise

Tanning is a frequent beauty procedure applied to darken the skin. In sunny regions the businesses is not popular. However, in colder or seasonal climatic zones, tanning operators do enjoy a significant success. However, tanning on its own may not be enough. In this case, you can try to purchase one of the tanning franchises and run an independent spa operations from the same premises.

The market research shows that tanning franchises' customers use also spa facilities and vice versa. We do not have enough data to promote a specific tanning franchise. Some of the leading operators can cost $200K-$400K in initial fees.

Hair Salon Franchise

Hairdressing is the most difficult skill to satisfy female clients. If you mess nails, put an incorrect makeup or apply a wrong hair colour then you can still fix the problem. On the other hand, the incorrect haircut generally means the "road of no return". For this reason, the hair salon is a tricky business to attract customers and even trickier to keep them.

If you are a good hairdresser and you want a proven business model then the hair salon franchise is the desired choice. If you are not the hairdresser but you want a hairdressing business then the hair salon franchise is the only option. You do not have to grab the most expensive hair salon franchises. Most clients will seldom travel long distances for a haircut. For this reason smaller but proven operators are as good.

Currently, we would recommend Bossyhair and John Brennan Hair salon franchise. For these businesses you will need about $200K in the total investment. Especially, the Bossyhair provides a comprehensive list of inclusions for the franchise's price.

Nail Salon Franchise

Nail salon franchise is one of the toughest businesses to run. The flood of Asian nail salon outlets, employing (and often exploiting) illegal overseas workers is a real problem for the nail salon industry. In smaller towns there is less competition. However, in big cities you need to improvise a lot to stay on top of the game. is probably the fore-runner in the affordable but yet competitive nail salon franchise model.