Battery Franchise

The battery franchise may sound like a trivial business. However, once you appreciate the market for aging cars the scope of the service can be huge. It is true that car batteries are not specialised items. You can purchase these products in almost any automotive outlet. Retailers like K-Mart or automotive shops such as SuperCheap all have batteries which will suite most needs.

However, car batteries do not power gadgets. The reliable and suitable car battery is a must for many customers. This means that you do not buy the product blindly from the shelf. For most cases you need an expert advice to fit the appropriate battery to your car.

Battery Franchise Guide

There are not that many battery franchises in Australia. The scope for the automotive battery franchises is even more limited. However, just because the competition among franchisors is low it does not mean that it is an easy business. The demand for expertly installed batteries is also not that strong. This is the reason that most battery franchises do not only offer the specialised automotive products.

In most cases these outlets sell products which power most electric and electronic devices. The best bet to succeed in the market is to diverge. And this is precisely the business model of most types of battery franchises. You should look for a battery franchise which offers products to as many items as possible. This should include the range of automotive, marine and even solar batteries.

Battery Franchise Options

There are number of smaller local operators. There are also some overseas battery franchises, which sporadically test the market. However, for the Australian market there is one which excels over the others. The Battery World is currently a battery franchise which leads Australian automotive and electronic market. The business model of the Battery World is well suited into the market which demands convenience. Thus, the expert advice and the selection of products provide the winning combination.

Most people learned that there is no need to continuously upgrade your devices. In other cases (e.g. buying new cars) it is too expensive to purchase a new product. Therefore, people keep using their cars and electronic devices past the warranty date. Batteries are the main replacement item for most of these products.

Battery Franchise Investment

The Battery World Australia is currently a leader in the battery franchise business. Interstate All Battery Center and the Battery Central are the main competitors but the exposure to the public is not that strong. You will be required to invest $200K-$250K plus GST into the business. The initial investment will cover:

  • The store fit out
  • Computer system
  • Stock
  • Signage

The running costs such as outgoings, marketing, rent and the salaries are additional, daily expenses. In return, the Battery World provides an outstanding marketing support. This means that the business has a constant exposure in the television, internet and direct mail. Both, the national and local advertising, ensure that this battery franchise is visible to the customers throughout the year.