Bakery Franchises

In the past, baker was one of the most prestigious professions. There was hardly anyone who did not eat bread. Today, times have changed. Bread, rolls, cakes, etc. are just commodities. The modern methods to harvest wheat and state of the art processing techniques make bakery a highly competitive industry. Not only bakeries compete with one another but also they need to fight major supermarkets.

For this reason many bakers provide a luxury product (rather then the necessity). Essentially, we come to bakeries to buy a sweet roll, apple tart or a pecan bun. Occasionally, we may purchase fresh, tasty bread or those fluffy rolls. However, at the end of the day we go to bakeries for the treat. It is difficult for bakers to compete today. For this reason there are many bakery franchises which (in theory) are suppose to provide the competitive edge over other operators.

Should I Join Bakery Franchises?

The short answer is - no. There are many independent operators who are capable to run the business under their own banner. The key to the successful bakery business is the product, price and location. A lot of bakery franchises offer methodology and the business model but these seldom are the winning combinations on their own. If the product is overpriced or not tasty then great business concept will seldom help. Similarly, the obscure location will not attract the clients despite the fantastic marketing strategy.

However, most bakery franchises do make nice products. These businesses have the fantastic facilities, professional service and yummy food. Here, the franchise model can help significantly. Customers, who like apple scroll in one Bakers' Delight outlet can always count that the other outlet will serve the same quality product. In other way, your shop is already advertised with products from another franchise. And this is far more important that the actual media marketing.

Bakery Franchises

There are few bakery franchises which do deserve recommendations. The businesses such as:

  • Bakers Delight Franchise
  • Brumby's Bakeries Franchise
  • Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse Franchise
  • Cookie Man Franchise
  • Baker's Club Franchise

are long standing bakeries which have been successfully serving the Australian public for decades. The bakery franchises are not cheap to purchase and even more tricky to run. Therefore, the business is for trained and experienced bakers.

Pretzel Franchise

The pretzel franchise resembles the bakery franchises. However, the main product to sell is pretzel rather then bread and rolls. The pretzel franchise is a much simpler business to operate than the bakery. In most cases you can even run it as an independent operation.

The most recommended pretzel franchise is the Pretzel World franchise. The concept is simple and does not require a prior experience. In fact, some pretzel franchisors do not offer any training in cooking. The pretzels are not excessively popular but sufficiently in demand. These days pretzels are 97% fat free, they are baked (not fried) and have extra sources which previously were unknown.

Bakery Franchises Prices

In order to purchase an established Bakers Delight franchise you need $300K-$500K. The fee includes training, equipment and the fitout. The similar price range applies to the Brumby's Bakeries Franchise. The Cookie Man Franchise is cheaper but the established sites can cross the $200K mark. The total investment for the Baker's Club ranges between $200K-$400K. As for the pretzel franchise you may need a budget of $200K+ to run a decent outlet.