Auto Parts Franchise

The auto parts franchise is a broad term for all franchises which sell products and services to fix cars. This can range from the tire retailing outlets to brake-fitting workshops. Some of these auto parts franchises are mere retailers. Others require a specialised stuff to actually fit the product.

Generally, the auto parts franchise is a good investment in Australia and US. Both countries heavily rely on cars. However, the high demand for automotive services leads to more businesses in the category. Thus, it is important to weight the benefits of the auto parts franchise carefully.

Auto Parts Franchise Guide

The success of the auto parts franchises lies somewhere between a good location and the media exposure. If you intend to open an auto brake service in a small town then prominent location is the must. For larger cities, the competition is much higher.

Thus, brands, marketing and the location are paramount to succeed in this business. Therefore, in small towns you may think twice before purchasing the auto parts franchise. For more competitive places, branded franchises do matter.

Auto Parts Franchise Types

Fortunately, there is a number of auto parts franchises which can suite various interests. This includes:

  • Brake Repairs
  • Car Suspension
  • Car Batteries
  • Car Tires
  • Car Servicing
  • Car Exhausts and many more...

You must ensure that you understand the training requirements for each auto parts franchise. Fitting car suspension will require a longer training than inserting a new battery. The good news is that most

auto parts franchises

do not insist on the prior qualifications. Generally, the franchisor will offer the necessary training.

The Auto Parts Franchise Price

Mobile auto parts franchises are in the vicinity of $50K. The repair shops require an investment between $100K-$600K. However, the running costs of the mobile and shop-style operators also differ. Thus, the franchisor must provide the evidence of the expenses involved in running the business. As expected, the well-known branded franchises will cost substantially more.

However, the actual need (not just the brand) for the service will determine your overall success. Let's review some examples:

  • The car tire giant - Bridgestone Select - requires an initial investment between $200K - $400K.
  • Another famous auto parts franchise - Battery World - sells for $250K.
  • The less known mobile car restoration service - New Life Repair costs only 35K.

Each of these businesses provide a very different service. However, Bridgestone and the Battery World require a comparable investment. Which one should I choose, then? Well, the business model of Bridgestone fits the needs of small and big population clusters. On the other hand, the Battery World will thrive only in cities. In small towns, the "John Store" will be sufficient to meet the everyday battery-needs.